About Us

Urban farming, black powder shooting, touring on the Harley, building scale model kits and taking photographs. We like to vary our hobbies and interests sometimes it doesn't leave time to excel at any of them.

Things to do when going to the USA

  1. Book airline tickets (Duh!).
  2. Organise your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization).
  3. Hire a car.
  4. Pre-book accommodation, not really necessary if you are travelling across multiple states. From my last trip motels are plentiful and we had no issues finding a room.
  5. Get  a travel SIM for your phone.
  6. Get a travel card that you can load up with USD, shop around though the options and fess vary greatly.
  7. Read lots of reviews on the places you want to visit.
  8. Do an itinerary - have at least a rough plan of what you want to see during your stay.