Route 66 – (2013 Trip) – Day 1 – Done and dusted.

We picked up our bikes today and rode up to Milwaukee Wisconsin to go to the Harley Museum. I had all the turns worked out and deviated when I seen a museum sign. From there we got lost it took a while to find it.

On the way home we missed the street sign and ended up doing a big detour. Which ended up on the road we wanted. From there I deviated again and got onto the I43 going southwest instead of south. This meant another big detour on the I20 to get to the I94.

Due to lack of signage again we ended up on the toll road, we paid one toll and went through a second automated toll gate. It’ll get added to the bill I guess.

Finally got on the I45 which is a lot, lot longer than it looks we got back to the motel at 9pm.

All on all a great day even if I did manage to lose my android tablet.