Route 66 – (2013 Trip) – Day 11 – Albuquerque, NM. to Gallup, NM.

Day 11 was mostly a ride day with little of worth to see as far as Route 66 goes.

There is some amazing countryside to be seen through New Mexico though. We chose the southern older alignment of Route 66 going via Los Lunas.
Once we passed Los Lunas the countryside opened up to some stunning vistas.

We stopped at the Continental Divide for some photos and a visit to the local “tourist trap”. We picked up a few more things to bring home, when we were leaving the weather was looking bleak.

Pressing on we rode into a thunderstorm and took shelter under an overpass. The intensity of the rain along with the spray from other vehicles made visibility poor. Needless to say by the time we reached said overpass we were pretty wet.

We went out for another feed of Mexican cuisine last night, possibly had enough Mexican for a while I think.

The motel in Gallup did have free Wi-fi but it’s signal strength was pretty weak. So we missed updating this yesterday.