Route 66 – (2013 Trip) – Day 14 – Williams, AZ. to Las Vegas, NV.

Yesterday we left lovely Williams and travelled part of the I-40 to Seligman AZ. than onto old Route 66.

Seligman AZ. is where the whole historic Route 66 campaign kicked off with Angel Delgardillo and his campaign for “Historic Route 66” signage on the former US highway; similar initiatives have since been established in every U.S. Route 66 state.

From there we travelled onto Hackberry General Store and stopped for the obligatory photos and gift shop visit.

Then it was onto Kingman AZ. and a right turn up to Las Vegas NV. We hadn’t long arrived and were looking for a motel when the rain pelted down. My famous last words of we’re already wet it can’t get worse were soon proved wrong.

Once again I never got the helmet rules right, in Nevada helmets are compulsory. Guess that explains all the strange looks 🙂

We got absolutely soaked and even got caught up in a lot of flash flooding. To top it off the gear linkage on my bike broke and most of my gear got wet in my bag.

We finally found a motel and settled in for the afternoon, went next door to the Ellis Island Casino & Brewery for dinner. Followed by a stroll down the famous Las Vegas strip, it is mind blowing the amount of people about as well as homeless people asleep on side streets.