Route 66 – (2013 Trip) – Day 2 – Chicago, IL. to Lincoln, IL.

We rode into Chicago this morning and had breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s famous restaurant and bakery. It was surprisingly easy to navigate to. We pulled up at a set of lights on W Jackson boulevard and it was directly across the road.

From there we travelled south stopping at Joliet prison made famous in the “Blues Brothers”. We stopped at the local tow truck operators as he had a couple of old cars on display. He came out and chatted for a while, a very friendly chap.

Then onto Odell to stop and look at the historic Standard Oil service station that now serves as a museum/gift shop. From there it was onto Pontiac to look at some murals and the Illinois Route 66 museum.

We then journeyed south to Lincoln via the interstate to Lexington than back onto Route 66. Bloomington is a rather large town. We missed the turnoff coming out due to the way the sign was positioned.

A great day riding Route 66, so far it’s been mostly easy to follow. Was a long day though, between riding and looking around it was a 12 hour day.