Route 66 – (2018 Trip) – Day 16 – Las Vegas, NV. to Needles, CA.

A slightly longer trip then planned today due to me getting on highway US-15 and not taking the US-215 exit. Stupidly I even looked at it as I rode past and thought maybe I should have gone onto it.

I realised about 5 minutes later when the Los Angeles sign came up, only problem was there was no exit for about 25km’s. so we ended up adding around 70km’s to our trip today.

We did make the following touristy stops though:

  • Kingman Railroad Museum, Kingman, Arizona
  • Mr D’z Diner, Kingman, Arizona
  • Cool Springs, Arizona
  • Sitegreave Pass, Arizona
  • Oatman, Arizona

The rail museum is disappointing even if it only cost $2.00, not much there in the way of the rail history of the line or area.

We called in at Cool Springs and the owner offered to do photos for us so I gave him my camera. Never checked anything until we got to the motel, no idea what he did but he never took any photographs. 😛

A little warm riding through the Mojave desert from Oatman, AZ. to Needles, CA. Got to 48.5°C. Rather warm, at least there was no humidity.