Route 66 – (2018 Trip) – Day 5 – Springfield, IL. to Eureka, MO.


After finishing off the leftover pizza from last night’s dinner for breakfast we decided against visiting the Cozy Dog Drive In. Today’s destination for us was city of Eureka, Missouri a trip of 341 km (211 mile), we rode the later alignment of Route 66 through Litchfield and Mt. Olive today. We later abandoned Route 66 for most of our travel through Missouri today.

After we stopped to get a photo of the “Welcome to Missouri” sign, a fellow Harley rider pulled up to make sure we were OK. You have to love the kinship owning a Harley brings.

Today’s Route 66 touristy things were limited to:

The Old Chain of Rocks bridge, the bridge opened in 1929 and it closed to road traffic in 1968. The most notable feature is a bend that near the middle of the bridge crossing, depending on the reference the bend is between 22 to 30 degrees. The bridge is closed to road traffic, it now a walking and cycling trail over the river.

The next planned stop on today’s journey was going to be the Gateway Arch driving and parking in St. Louis is a bit of a chore. To make matters worse the useless pile of dung that is Harley-Davidson’s GPS system flat out refused to allow any roads near the arch to be input as a waypoint. In the end we gave up on going and visited the following Harley dealers.

After the Harley dealers we paid a visit to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, this place has been around since 1929, it is a family-owned frozen custard company in St. Louis, Missouri. The shop on Chippewa Street is part of the historic U.S. Route 66 it is open most of the year.

Got to say I had  a lot of fun navigating through the traffic on the bike today in the crazy St. Louis and it’s neighbouring areas. The average speeds were between 120 to 140 kph. If you don’t keep alert you may end up being clipped by a car or truck.

Tomorrow we venture further into Missouri, and continue our journey back onto Route 66.