Route 66 – (2018 Trip) – Day 8 – Tulsa, OK. to Clinton, OK.

Today’s destination is the city of Clinton, Oklahoma, we covered  364 km (226 miles) today.

Our touristy travels today included the following:

  • Rock Creek Bridge, Sapulpa
  • Seaba Filling Station (Motorcycle Museum), Chandler
  • Pops, Arcadia
  • Lucille’s Gas Station, Hydro
  • Stafford Air & Space Museum, Weatherford
  • Route 66 Museum, Clinton

We would have added the “Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum” in Sapulpa, however we didn’t want to hang around to the 10:00am opening time.

Today was also our first day of real heat with a temp of 44.5 degrees C. We were using our hydration vests and made a few stops to keep hydrated. One thing about the U.S.A. is drinks are really cheap. We arrived at the motel in Clinton a little exhausted. So after refeshing with a shower and a change of clothes it was off to Montana Mike’s for a Buffalo sirloin steak for dinner. Washed down with 3 22oz (649ml) beers for me at least.

The signage through Oklahoma City was fairly “shitful” once again we found oursleves off Route 66 due to a lack of decent signs. I’d recommend avoiding it altogether. If you visit the Harley dealer in Edmond. Just take next exit and ride straight to Highway 44 which becomes Route 66 again anyway. Just avoid trying to do the original route  altogether, it isn’t worth the hassle of trying to follow the poor signage. Live and learn I guess.

Once you get to El Reno West the signage is again non-existant. You can go right and pick up ole Route 66 or you van get onto Highway 40 which is also designated as being part of Route 66. Which ever way you go make sure you get off at Hydro exit so you can visit Lucille’s Service Station.

From there is a short visit to Weatherford to check out the Stafford Air & Space Museum. This museum has my all time fourite military aircraft, a A10 Warthog. Needless to say I made sure I got a photo of it.

After visiting the musem it was on to Clinton to visit the Route 66 Museum. This is in my opinon the best Route 66 museum along the whole of Route 66. Mind you I’m going to visit one in California that I never been to, so they view may change.

Today’s Harley-Davidson delaers were:

Tomorrow we head to the Lone Star state and see what the day will unfold both heat wise and touristy trip wise.