Route 66 – (2018 Trip) – Some helpful resources for your trip.

  1. Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series
  2. Route 66: EZ66 Guide for Travellers
  3. Route 66: Ultimate Guide
  4. Route 66 Travel Guide
  5. Route 66

I’ve used the first 2 items on this list previously and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do Route 66.

These maps created by The Mother Road gurus Jerry McClanahan and Jim Ross include reverse driving directions (west-to-east).

The Route 66 Map Series remains a very popular choice for those venturing along The Mother Road  the precise, accurate, turn-by-turn driving directions are very easy to follow. They are packaged as a set of eight roadmaps, one for each Route 66 state.

The maps are illustrated with original art, points of interest and historical text with a  “treasure map” look and feel.

The EZ66 Guide was also developed by The Mother Road guru, Jerry McClanahan and The National Historic Route 66 Federation.

This 200 page guide is spiral bound, to make it easy to use whilst traveling. It includes easy to follow maps that have both the easterly and westerly routes laid out. The guide also includes attractions and historic details.

The Route 66: Ultimate Guide (standard version) app is a limited-edition, detailed, up-to-date, and easy-to-use Route 66 guide ever!

It includes hundreds of Points-of-Interest (POIs) from historic sites, natural wonders, attractions, museums & visitor centres, roadside attractions, motels/hotels, lost alignments and wayside exhibits.

The Route 66 Travel Guide app by TripBucket focuses on the unique history and treasures found along the “The Mother Road.”

According to their blurb travellers can use the app to navigate through towns, museums, bridges, and landmarks off the main interstate. You can plan a trip, either on site or before their visit. The “Things to Do” option allows visitors to review all of the points of interest and add items to a “Want to Do” list.

This app has maps of Route 66 attractions, diners motels and other tourist information.