The Outback Tour (Oct-2018) – Day 4 – Charleville to Barcaldine

With our tour over 1/2 over we hit the road early in the morning heading towards Tambo for a breakfast stop.

Cruising along in a low convertible gives a deceptive idea of speed, as it’s an older model it doesn’t have cruise control fitted. So we were travelling along and I was thinking we seem to be travelling quick. I wasn’t keeping an eye on the speedo and when I glanced down we were doing $1.50. It was time to rein that in quickly and continue at a more sedate pace.

Once again the countryside changes from mulga scrub to grazing lands so there’s not a lot to look at until you come into a town. Tambo has an interesting truck sculpture on the southern side of town (See the photo in the header). Tambo is also the home of the world famous “Tambo Teddies” they are hand made Australian teddy bears using woollen sheepskin.

Being in Tambo also meant it was our breakfast stop, we pulled into Fanny Mae’s Cafe to relax and have a feed of bacon and eggs. The food and service were good and I’d recommend them for a meal or coffee.

On the road again our next stop was the Barcoo Hotel in Blackall for a beer. Blackall claims to be the home of the original Black Stump, The nearby cemetery is where the famous sheep shearer Jackie Howe is buried. Not much further along the road is the old Blackall Wool Scour. After checking these both out we hit the road for Barcaldine.


Barcaldine has a lot of history it played a significant role in the Australian labour movement and the birth of the Australian Labor Party. Back in 1891, it was one of the focal points of the 1891 Australian shearers’ strike.

The Tree of Knowledge, under which the strikers met, stood outside the railway station. It was poisoned and died sometime in 2006.

We got to the motel and checked in then decided to wander down the road for a quiet beer or two. For a small town you get the choice of 5 drinking establishments.

After checking a couple out we settled in at the Shakespeare Hotel for a few beers and a feed.

Tomorrow would see us on the way home.